Time for Change – Athens in Crisis

Dearest Reader,

As you are going through this latest post, in Athens there is an unfolding upheaval on the streets, against the austerity measures Troika is imposing to Greece.

Between April and June 2012 I went to Athens to photograph the features of a widespread crisis caused by the collapse of the nonfunctional capitalism of the world’s financial markets. As usual who pays for it is the economically fragile part of the population. Taxes have been increased out of proportion, the minimum wages are carrying on being reduced month after month, families have to cope with as little as €300 par month and the public institutions are falling in decay because of lack of financial resources. How is it possible that we are allowing this to happen? When will we see a brighter future for all? Have the values, onto which we have created Europe vanished? We shall waste no more time and we shall look forward to change the course of history by voting and let the world know where we stand.

Hasta La Victoria, Greece!!!

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4 responses to “Time for Change – Athens in Crisis”

  1. filmcamera999 says :

    Reblogged this on filmcamera999 and commented:
    ..well…in that case…leave the european union! simple! the union is pushing its weight against too many countries…

  2. mimimollica says :

    Have you ever wondered about the causes of the current situation in Greece? Apart from the generations of corrupt politicians and a badly managed Nation, there is are factors to take into consideration, like for instance the pressure Germany has put into Greece to “invest” in a humongous amount of weaponry….Also, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are experiencing some deep and serious downfall too…should they leave Europe as well? This is not about abandoning the Union, I see this as an opportunity to re-calculate the so-called benefits of unregulated capitalism….Did it work? Is it producing balanced wealth globally? Is it having a good influence on our Planet? What we are witnessing here is exactly what has happened to the Third World Countries (ie. developing countries) as a direct consequence of neo-liberal policies of the western democracies. The only difference is that this is happening today on our doorstep, and instead of reacting with an equally disgusting cheap “charitable” attitude, we feel jeopardize by an imminent cancer….as we’d feel the urgent need to distance ourselves by such negative phenomenon. We’re in it though. We’re right in it and if we live in denial we risk to sponsor mindless policies and exploitation throughout the world.

  3. mimimollica says :

    @AnilCm @filmcamera999, Thanks for reblogging!!

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